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Depression in Veterinary Medicine: Our Open Secret 

Presented by The Vet and The Social Worker

The Vet (Vanessa Rizzo, DVM, ACVIM [O]) and the Social Worker (Susan Curtis, LICSW) discuss the mental health challenges in the veterinary profession through storytelling in this in-person presentation.

For more information or to schedule a presentation contact
Susan at 847.802.9084 or Dr. Rizzo at 253.341.5835 


American Veterinary Medical Association

A Workplace Well-Being Training for Caring Professionals

Empathy in Veterinary Practices


Find A Therapist

Hope Veterinary Oncology Services (Dr. Rizzo)

Meditation App for Sleep, Anxiety, and Stress

National Alliance of Mental Health

National Alliance of Mental Health Hawaii

Not One More Vet

Professional Quality of Life Scale

Professional Quality of Life Website

Veterinary Compassion Fatigue: Four Stories


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